Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Amelia's Arrival

Amelia Jordan Duffield
Born May 20, 2014 at 4:22
9.8 lbs. 22"

May 20, 2014 - The day we welcomed our precious blessing into this world!

I woke up early that Tuesday morning (2 days past my due date) at 4:30 having contractions.  I had been having the braxton hicks contractions the weeks before, but I knew right away that these were the real deal.  I got up & showered.  Then the contractions started getting closer together.  We called our families, got our bags we had packed and headed out the door.  This was such a crazy and exciting feeling leaving our house for the last time just us!

We got to the hospital about 7:30 and got checked in.  Some of the next few hours are somewhat of a blur.  I started progressing so quickly.  Every time they came to check me I was dilated more.  The contractions started getting more and more intense and eventually were only 1 minute apart.  At this point we were still down in the ER part of this hospital and not in an actual room.  I kept wondering when I would finally get to a room to get the epidural.  They told me that the doctor on call was in surgery and they had to wait to see if I was approved or if they would send me home.  I KNEW that I wasn't going home.  This girl was coming!  I was in so much pain from how strong the contractions were and with no breaks in between them.  I kept trying to be patient and focus on the end goal.  I knew it would all be worth it, but was in so much pain & frustrated not to be admitted to a room.  Blake was SO awesome and encouraging through it all.  He was updating our families and friends on my progress.  My parents were afraid they weren't going to make it in time because they kept getting texts from him saying I was at a 5, then at a 6, then a 7.  Finally got admitted to a room and they came fairly quickly to give me my epidural.  Hallelujah!!  I was at an 8 when they checked me just after getting the epidural.  This was around noon, I believe.

The rest of the day went perfectly!  I expected the day to have lots of ups and downs and be hard and then get better.  I didn't expect it to be such intense constant pain early on and then great and awesome the rest of the time!  It went from one extreme to the other.  Really it was perfect timing because just after feeling better our family and a few close friends got there so I got to see them.

Family anxiously awaiting little Amelia!
THE sweetest & most loving husband!
I progressed pretty quickly to a 10 so we thought she would be here around 2 or 3:00.  My nurse was awesome and such a great coach.  Dr. Partridge was on call and she was wonderful too!  They said she wasn't as far down as they would like her to be just yet so we were going to wait and see if she dropped some on her own before I started pushing.  So I rested and visited with family & friends while we waited for our sweet girl.  They came back in around 4 and said that it was time to start pushing.  I pushed for about 20 minutes.  This precious blessing was born at 4:22 p.m.

Amelia Jordan was 9.8 ounces and 22 inches long!!  A big and perfect baby girl who completely changed our lives instantly the moment we saw her!  My heart is overjoyed and I am completely in awe at the beauty of God's little creation.  Thank you Lord for this incredible blessing!  

Wonderful family & friends who got to be here to welcome Amelia and share in our joy!

The best day!!!  We love you with all our hearts Amelia & are thankful for you everyday!

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