Thursday, August 28, 2014

Amelia Jordan- 1 Month Old!

- - - - - - - - - -   June 20th, 2014   - - - - - - - - - -

Amelia is such a good & sweet baby!  She pretty much started smiling in her sleep day one :)  She does the cutest little thing when she's first falling asleep where she rolls her eyes back in her head, breathes heavy and grins real big.  It's my favorite!  I always wonder what your thinking or dreaming about.  (videos at the bottom of the post) 

-  Wore newborn diapers about 2 weeks.  We ran out & tried size one and they fit :)
Wearing newborn clothes and 0-3 month.  Your first Dr. apt. when you were 5 days old you had already gained a few ounces.  Healthy baby girl!

-  Eats every 3 hours during the day & will usually give us at least one 4 hour stretch at night.
She eats like a champ!  Like clockwork most days.  Usually when she cries it's because she's hungry. 

-First picnic at Farmington Park when you were a week and a half old on our 6th Anniversary.
Enjoys being outside & going on walks.  Our first several walks you always fell asleep.

-We gave her paci for the first time at 2 weeks old… She was confused at first, but loved it. Still does!

-Took your first bottle from Dad at 4 weeks old.  You did great, but looked at me like what's going on? 

-She sleeps in a swaddle wrap, but doesn't like her arms swaddled.  Tried the first few nights and she always managed to get her arms out & preferred them out by her side :)  Always turns to her left side.
Sleeping in your pack and play bassinet in our room.

-You have dark grayish blue eyes and a little bit of brown hair.  Mostly in the back.

-  She has the cutest sneezes and claps her arms together when she does.  
She also gets the hiccups all the time.

-She hated bath time the first couple of baths.  Then warmed up to it & LOVES it now!

- At a little over 4 weeks old on June 25th you really started smiling AT US for the first time.
You have the best smile!

-You love looking at the pretty baby (yourself) in the mirror on your changing table,
"flying" with Daddy, and being held upright over our left shoulder. 


Amelia, it has been the best month of our lives!  We are truly blessed that God chose us to be your Mom & Dad.  We so thankful for you every single day.  I love and cherish every moment with you and watching you grow is a pure joy.  Thank you Lord for this precious baby girl!  We love you Amelia!!

A few more favorite pics from this first month…

First family walk 


Picnic at the park on our 6 year wedding anniversary





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