Monday, August 11, 2014

First days home with Amelia

Back porch snuggles
Her Glo
Her Pop-E

Her Granna & Bogey
Meeting her Great Granny Duffield

Meeting Uncle Larry… AKA Skunkle

First time in her swing

She has the sweetest sleepy smiles 
AJ with her friend Harlow 
This girl loves her Daddy!
Snuggles with Morgan
Meeting Amanda & Lorelei
Her Uncle T
Her Aunt K

Memorial Day Baby!

SOO much help & precious time with my Mom & her Glo!

Puppy lovin'

These first days with Amelia have been the best!  Even though we were running on little sleep… I tried to truly cherish every moment with her.  She really is a sweet & happy baby.  I feel so blessed to be this precious girls Mommy and am thankful for every minute with her.  We love you with all our hearts Amelia!

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